Joining a start-up is a great way to gain a foothold in iGaming and fast-track your career in this industry. However, start-up life isn’t for everyone, so it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before making the leap.

On the downside, start-ups often lack the structure and stability found in established companies. Team members are typically expected to wear multiple hats, taking on tasks beyond their job descriptions. Tight operational budgets can mean lower salaries compared to larger firms. Additionally, smaller companies may not meet growth expectations, leading to uncertainty. Though it may seem daunting, start-ups do tend to stabilise over time as they mature and find their footing in the market.

However, these disadvantages can also be pivotal for your career if you fully embrace the start-up ethos. That’s because in a start-up, you’re not just another employee, you’re a crucial part of the team. This offers more chances to explore diverse tasks and gain varied experience. What’s more, you’ll enjoy greater autonomy to shape your role to your skills and expertise. Plus, the opportunity to lead teams and drive projects from the ground up can be incredibly fulfilling, propelling you up the career ladder faster than conventional paths.

Moreover, as you shape your role and become indispensable by wearing multiple hats and contributing across the business, the potential for rewards grows as the company succeeds. While start-ups may offer less stability and lower pay initially, they often provide greater job satisfaction, ownership, security, and perks in the long run.

Embracing the start-up journey means playing the long game, investing now for substantial future gains in your career and professional fulfilment.

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