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According to the global gambling market report, released on Wednesday, the majority of gamblers in the US, Canada and Germany discovered their current gambling platforms via social media.

On the other hand, the survey found, most gamblers in the UK discovered their platform through advertisements on TV.

This difference in approach is especially notable when considering just how broad the variation between different country’s habits is.

A total of 39 per cent of UK respondents reported having picked their platform on TV, compared to only 16 per cent in the US, 17 per cent in Canada, and 18 per cent in Germany. Social media usage was used proportionately less in the UK, with only 26 per cent of respondents having used it to pick their platform.

This survey, which covered a number of topics including gambling participation, general interests among gamblers and non gamblers, and the devices used for gambling online, consulted with respondents in the USA, Canada, the UK and Germany.

It shed light on the most popular formats of gambling by country, how much people tend to bet in each country, the factors bettors consider when choosing a gambling operator, and the impact of COVID-19 on gambling.

Online news articles and personal experiences were reported to be the most mentioned channels that informed gamblers’ opinions of the gambling industry, it revealed, and most gamblers bet with the aim of winning money.

Addressing gambling demographics, the survey found that males gamble online notably more than females.

Discussing the effect of COVID on gambling habits, the report found that many gamblers have increased their online betting since the pandemic took hold, with more people reporting gambling more than less in every country consulted.

UK gamblers were particularly heavily impacted, with 55 per cent reporting having gambled more.

The survey also observed that 75 per cent of respondents did not engage in esports betting. is a leading online casino and gambling operator, which describes its news, blogs, and player guidance as “second to none”, with all the information shared being data-driven, independent, and “free of bias”.

The site commissioned global market research firm SIS International to produce the report, assessing the state of the online gambling market.

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