The Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD) was set up in 1990 to spearhead the evolution of people management and development practices as well as the human resources profession in Malta. FHRD works in partnership with its corporate members, the professional conglomerate of HR practitioners and service providers, leaders of the industry, and other key local players in the field of human resources management and development.

What do we do?

Association of HR Practitioners

Membership with FHRD encompasses an attractive set of benefits, and is the top choice for professional organisations seeking to keep in touch with the Foundation’s numerous happenings and offerings. Becoming a Corporate Member of FHRD has several benefits. Contact us here to know more.  

Continuous Professional Development Programmes

Throughout the year, FHRD offers its own set of accredited professional training programmes. MQF Level 5 Award Courses scheduled for 2022 are:

  • Training the Trainer
  • HR Management and Training
  • Practical Applications in Maltese Employment Law
  • Public Speaking
  • High Impact Recruitment and Selection Techniques
  • Performance Management and Employee Engagement

HR Quality Mark

The HR Quality Mark is a standard, developed by FHRD, that recognises organisations for their effective HR practices. The aim of the HR Quality Mark is to recognise organisations who place HR at the centre of their business through the implementation of various policies and strategies which include the following:

  • HR Policies and Practices
  • Recruitment, Selection and Talent Management
  • Compensation, Benefits and Total Rewards
  • Employment and Industrial Relations
  • Performance Management
  • HR Information Systems
  • People Training and Development 

There is an increasingly greater need for measuring, monitoring,  tracking and understanding how well people are being managed and developed. The HR Quality Mark will give organisations the following benefits:

  • Internal Recognition
  • External Recognition
  • Enhance Employer Brand
  • More attractive to new talent
  • HR Content areas evaluation
  • HR Quality Mark event to promote the certified organisations
  • Sense of achievement for the internal HR team
  • Motivates the HR team to strive for excellence
  • A report identifying strengths and areas for improvement

The Quality encourages all organisations, irrelevant of size and sector, to assess their HR practices. This means that there are no restrictions or rankings on how many organisations can achieve this award, as long as the HR criteria set by FHRD are reached. The Quality Mark certification, currently at its forth intake, serves as a process to guide organisations on how to improve their HR practices.

Networking and Events

The FHRD Annual HR Conference has been a staple local event over the years attracting HR professionals and business leaders from all industries in Malta to network, listen to and discuss all things related to HR, Training and Business Management.  Top reasons to attend our annual HR Conference:

  • Conference is the number 1 HR Event of its kind in Malta
  • Participation of key industry players
  • Presenting a pool of top international and local speakers
  • Latest developments within the HR world
  • Networking Opportunities which includes Exhibitors space

The 2022 Annual Event will be launched in the coming months. We are currently planning other networking activities for the local HR Community. Stay Tuned!

Academic Programmes

FHRD also offers a set of academic programmes in various fields in partnership with the University of Leicester.  As a top 25 UK based University, Leicester has always been home to great minds; academics, researchers and students who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, advance new practices and develop a fresh way of thinking. Through the ground-breaking research distance learning students tackle the emerging social, corporate, economic, political and scientific issues head-on and set the agenda where others simply follow.

At Leicester, students aren’t confined by academic boundaries. Students are given the space and support in which to be creative and develop both personally and professionally. Programmes are contemporary in content and provide the specialist subject knowledge and international outlook demanded by employers around the world. With access to unparallel academic resources and facilities, students gain the real-world transferable skills to remain competitive in the global job market and join the University of Leicester’s ranks of alumni who have made positive contributions to their industries and fields of expertise.

The University provides Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate programmes to a thriving base of candidates hailing from all walks of life. FHRD was one of the first providers in Malta offering academic distance learning programmes, with the first intake of Maltese students in the year 2000. Today more than 2,000 Malta based students have successfully completed an academic programme with the University of Leicester, resulting in an active and ever-growing alumni community.

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