Adam Warren joined Greentube Malta as Head of Affiliates in 2013 after entering the iGaming industry two years prior. Within just three short years, he was promoted to the position of Marketing Director before stepping into the dual role of Brand Manager and Managing Director in 2018. Today, Adam is responsible for overseeing more than 100 employees in the Malta office, directing the day-to-day activities of the business whilst also managing one of Greentube’s ever-growing European brands.

What has been your favourite part about working at Greentube?

I have been at Greentube for almost a decade now and I can genuinely say I have never, at any instance, been bored in my roles, and that means a lot to me. Of course, there are plenty of challenges and hurdles to overcome on a day-to-day basis, and at times it can be a roller coaster of emotions and business topics, but I genuinely mean it when I say that if you offered me a magic lamp right now there is absolutely nothing that I would change about my job.

I’m incredibly fortunate that there have been several recurring opportunities to grow in all my roles. Since joining I have worked in affiliation, marketing and now as a Brand Manager and Director. Greentube is a company that rewards individuals that work hard and are committed to their role. If you are there for the company the company will always be there for you.

We have evolved collectively and it is certainly not just been me that has experienced this upward trajectory. I feel that all employees are afforded the opportunity to grow within their role and diversify if the opportunity arises. In fact, over the last few years we have created a whole host of new roles that we have long dreamt of creating, it is a very exciting time to work for Greentube.

What would you like to see more of from the iGaming industry?

I would like to see more harmonisation within the industry as each market has a lot of different rules, meaning everything is much more fragmented. Back in the day, everybody had a Malta licence and there was just one set of rules to follow, but the market has matured significantly since then and certain regulators are cementing strong values, which is incredibly important. However, they are all running in their own circles and it makes things incredibly complex for entities such as ourselves that operate in multiple jurisdictions.

If we want to make things as straight-forward as possible, we need to address this fragmented approach. Each of the regulators have the right ideologies, but when it is put into practice, things start to deviate as they each want certain rules implementing, some of which are stronger than others.

If all of these regulators were to put their heads together, they could collectively focus their attention on important issues that need to be addressed such as responsible gambling.

The current setup sees regulators running in different directions from each other, meaning that a lot more can wrong and a lot less can go right. The sooner they align with each other the better.

What are your key priorities to drive the Greentube Malta business this year and what challenges and opportunities do you see?

The key priority for me internally is congregation. I want Heads of Departments and Team Leaders at Greentube to be ambassadors in bringing our employees together and driving engagement, whether that be remotely or in person. I don’t want people to come to the office just for the sake of being in the office. I want them to be there to push forward plans and projects, making sure communication is flowing freely especially being a hybrid office setup that has your colleagues placed in a dynamic environment.

Looking at our wider business priorities, we are looking at focusing on more on Italy in the coming months. We want to see our Italian output flourish with a much more agile approach. Before we were working on a much broader scale when it comes to these markets, and now we have the tools and readiness to be more focused and streamlined.

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