ICE London

Keystone iGaming industry summit ICE London is finally set to take place this April after a number of COVID-related issues forced a two year absence.

The event’s return is highly anticipated by iGaming industry veterans and upstarts alike, with professionals excited at the opportunity not just to build and strengthen existing business relationships, but also to see peers in person.

Rosaire Galea Cavallaro
Rosaire Galea Cavallaro sat down with Rosaire Galea Cavallaro, head of sales at prominent provider BETBY, to discuss the event, what he’s looking forward to about it, and what it offers attendees.

On a personal level, how does it feel to return to ICE after the extended absence?

It feels great and we can’t wait to leave our mark there. Having been adjourned because of the pandemic and being the mother of all conferences, I am anticipating a great show full of action, networking and mostly good business. Nevertheless meeting our partners, prospects and like minded people from the gaming industry is the prime objective of the conference.

What does an in person event offer that an online one cannot?

Well, as much as we tried to tackle the drastic change of having virtual events replacing physical ones, I still believe that the in person event is the real deal. Firstly, they offer richer exchanges and by this I mean that we don’t only communicate by words but body language also plays an important part.

Also the fact that most people can convey their information more clearly rather than just sitting behind a laptop and just ‘do the job’. Another factor is driving business. In a virtual event what is everyone usually doing? Looking at the chat list and trying to see it there’s a familiar name or trying to connect with others by trying to start a conversation and then hopefully moving on to a fruitful stage in this matter.

In-person events also offer a more ‘personal experience’ let’s say as talking to someone physically is more efficient and effective over a webcam or any kind of messenger channel. These are just a few to mention, but the list can be never ending.

How important is exhibiting at the conference for B2B suppliers and B2C operators?

The way I see it is that both verticals have gaining opportunities at conferences of this sort, especially ICE. B2B suppliers are usually the ones that showcase their services and talk with new prospects, existing clients and partners in order to strengthen the relationship and of course drive more business.

When it comes to B2C operators, I believe it’s more of them wanting to explore the market even more and see what would be best in their case when it comes to having what kind and which suppliers, any added value to their brand depending on their market being targeted.

Are you expecting any particular trends in terms of exhibition styles, or types of companies being particularly present?

I am pretty confident that there will be some ‘particular’ trends of exhibition just like there is in any other conference. You can look at this term from multiple angles and anyone who attended ICE in the past knows exactly what I mean.

I expect all kinds of companies from B2B’s to B2C’s from all verticals of the gaming industry including sportsbook, casino, payments, marketing and significantly more. One massive ‘one – stop’ shop.

Since the last summit, a number of important changes have taken place in the iGaming industry. How do you expect these to be reflected at the conference?

Indeed and with the pandemic being present for the last two years, corporations had to undertake a different approach in order to keep themselves in this ever growing industry. Innovation, in my opinion is the paramount of the changes that had to be adapted for the purpose of this.

I don’t know how others will reflect these changes but I certainly do know how we will. Since the last ICE conference we have hit some major milestones and continue to do so. We are going to have our biggest stand ever in the history of BETBY and can’t wait to showcase our fully managed solution alongside our trailblazing BETBY.Games. Looking forward!

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