In recent years, online casino gaming has become increasingly popular, with more casino lovers choosing to play online rather than visit traditional, land-based casinos. Online gaming provides so much more in terms of convenience, with players able to sign up, make deposits and start playing at any time they like. Of course, the other big advantage of these online gaming platforms is the huge amount of variety that they offer. 

Since it first emerged, Malta has become one of the key players in this global industry. Some of the biggest brands and operators are based on the island, drawn by its superior regulatory framework and tax incentives for iGaming companies. 

The best online casinos in Malta give players access to exciting games and are fair and fun to play. Before choosing a site, players should check the licence to avoid possible scams. You can find a list of the best online casinos in Malta at, which provides updated details on the safest gambling sites. 

How online casino games work

Online casinos are designed to give customers the experience of playing a traditional casino. The main difference is that games can be played at any time, and the players can enjoy the sites from the comfort of their own homes. Online casino games typically use computer software and generated graphics, but they still mimic the outcomes of the real thing. 

Standard online casino games use random number generators, which determine the results of a spin or draw. By using random number generators, games are designed to be completely fair, and neither players nor the casino can impact the outcome. Software programs different outcomes for each number generated, and the payouts are controlled automatically.

As the technology behind online casino games has improved, they’ve become more immersive and offer new and exciting features. It’s now possible to play many different versions of classic games, with new ideas such as multi-hand or special side bets. Malta online casinos also now offer live dealer games, which feature real dealers. 

All online casino games are designed to be as simple to play as possible. Complicated controls or rules make it difficult for players to understand. Accessibility is key, and that’s also why modern games are always compatible with mobile devices too. Learn more about why smartphones are so popular from Players can enjoy online casinos in Malta on their smartphone or tablet, using the touchscreen to control the action.

Testing casino game fairness

Before choosing to play for real money at an online casino Malta site, it’s important for users to know that the games are fair. With traditional casino games, you can see the cards being shuffled in front of you, but there’s no way to know whether the software is legit. Players need to be able to trust games before they’re willing to gamble real money on the outcome otherwise they could fall victim to scams.

Thankfully, online gaming regulations mean that game fairness is tested and approved by independent bodies and licensing organisations. The Malta Gaming Authority carries out regular audits on casino software to ensure that operators are following the law. 

When selecting a game, players can check the information to read the return to player rate and volatility. These are measurements of how fair the game is to play and give a rough idea of what to expect. Higher return to player rates mean the game is fair, while volatility affects the size and frequency of payouts. The best online casinos in Malta have a wide range of fair games with high payout rates.  

Types of online casino games at Malta gaming platforms

Thanks to the growing popularity of casino gaming, the world of casino games gets more exciting every year. Software providers are constantly trying new ideas and using innovative technologies to deliver better and more enjoyable games to entice new players. To stand out and compete with rival platforms, online casinos need to consistently offer the latest games from the most popular software providers. 

Thanks to the evolution of technology, casino games are more creative than ever. Slots are perhaps the biggest and most varied category of online casino games, with millions of options available. Malta online casinos usually offer thousands of different slots, all with unique symbols, bonus features and themes. The wide variety of these games, combined with their simplicity and high winning potential, is what makes them so popular. Table games are also available at any online casino in Malta. These are either computer-controlled or live. With live games, rather than using software to control the outcome, a real game and dealer is live streamed from a studio. Read more on the development of the latest live games at Live games use real cards, wheels, dice and other casino equipment to determine the outcome, and players can watch the stream and place bets in real-time as they play.

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