Irrespective of whether it is COVID, the end of summer holidays or your favourite team losing to your arch-rivals the night before, motivation is where you find the drive to make sense out of things, to continue performing at our best.

Of course, there are plenty of factors contributing to motivation and demotivation for that, however, the beauty of motivation is in the understanding that it is ultimately not about finding balance, but rather, alignment.

Alignment allows us to have conversations on common objectives, outcomes and, the processes we implement to get there TOGETHER. It sets standards for ourselves and our collaborators, while establishing boundaries for our roles and responsibilities in and out of work.

Alignment between personal and professional growth allows us to see the value of our effort with greater satisfaction, direction and impact.

As employers and leaders, it is important to understand this and not fall into the balancing act trap, because that is what causes conflict in our motivation.

Instead seek for these four things in your workplace:

–       Create spaces for open conversations on individual objectives and how these can not only co-exist, but reinforce each other.

–       Nurture team individuality by encouraging teams to develop their own purpose that is unique to the characteristics, but that align with, complement and contribute to the overall organisational purpose.

–       Focus on a rich, inspiring environment that stimulates healthy competition, celebrating success and offers adequate support structures.

–       Offer the necessary psychological safety for everyone to trust equally that all are ‘in it together’ with no hidden agendas or fear of backstabbing.

If you achieve this or make this part of your organisational and leadership mantra, you will find that not only do you have a healthier skip in your jump, but so do the rest of your team and organisation.

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